B.I.T. / D.O.T. Inspections

B.I.T. / D.O.T. Inspections

California Vehicle Code Section 34505.5(a) requires that a 90-day safety inspection be completed on each truck, trailer or dolly that are regulated under the B.I.T. Program.  These periodic inspections, referred to as B.I.T. Inspections, must be performed within 90-day intervals.

We perform B.I.T. Inspections as the law prescribes, by documenting the inspection in a report and keeping that report for two years. We also provide our customers with copies of the report.

The manner in which we handle the California B.I.T. Inspection, will also meet the requirements of the Federal Law (49 C.F.R. PART 396), D.O.T. Inspections. During the inspection the following items are inspected:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Brake system components and leaks
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Tires and wheel
  • Fuel System
  • Vehicle connecting devices (fifth wheels, kingpins, pintle hooks, etc.)
  • Exhaust System
  • Frame (cross members, fasteners, tire clearance, and slider-rail)
  • Safety Items (triangles, horns, speedometer, seat belt, mirrors, etc.)
  • Lighting Devices (tail, brake, back up, license, markers, flashers, etc.)
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Ensure proper lubrication
  • Inspect for Leaks (oil, grease, coolant)
  • Tread Depth is measured and recorded on the report
  • Brake lining is measured and recorded on the report
  • Unit is stickered per State and Federal regulations (49 CFR §396.21(a)
  • Report is filled out per State and Federal regulations (49 CFR §396.17(c)(2)

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